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Friday, February 24, 2012

Greetings from Frankfurt

Greetings from Frankfurt

I did not recognize the language at first. My taxi driver was trying to get along in the Frankfurt traffic, while listening to a radio station via the internet. "What language is that?", I asked, interested. "Afghani." , he replied with a heavy accent. "What is it about?", I asked. He looked at me through the rearview mirror.

"It is about the war. It is about how over forty nations interfere in our country without understanding what it is all about.", he answered. "Well, isn't it about Taliban, terrorists etcetera?", I asked. He looked at me in anger.

"No, man, that's what the media do, you see? The Taliban was a stupid bunch of extremists but they had no power, no clout. It is about what the foreigners really want: money." His phone rang and, while stile listening to the radio and fighting his way through traffic, he started a shouting match, in Afghan, while giving me the eye.

"Here, my friends says to tell you it is all about three things.", he suddenly shouted at me. "First, war is business and they just make money, second it is about our national resources. They are plundering and stealing everything and there is nothing we can do. But the most important thing to remember is the third one: the Jews. It is always the Jews. They sent these forces under the pretext that there are terrorists in my country, which is bullshit. They made the world hate Muslims, which is a sin. They control everything: the news, the media, the papers, the TV, the magazines and the media (he did not even blink saying that). It is the Jews that destroyed Iraq, it is the Jews that destroy Syria, it is the Jews everywhere and all the time." His friend over the phone gave a rapid back-up in Afghan.

"So you live in Germany.", I remarked, trying to change the subject. "Of course in Germany!", he said, while looking at me as if I was an infantile. "Where else? Only Germany taught the Jews a lesson. And it took them 70 years, but now they rule the world and not the Jews. Germany is the place to be if you want to finish this cancer, which is eating away civilized people like the Afghani people. Only Germany had the guts to stand up and they will lead again in the final uprising against all Jews. I myself I have a nose for recognizing Jews. Would not have that dirt in my car, no Sir." He continued with his friend over the phone in a lively conversation.

"So you would be an expert on recognizing Jews.", I remarked. He looked at me, took a deep breath and said: "I can smell it. I can see it in their eyes. My country is ruined because of the Jews. The world is a mess because of the Jews. And, with the help of the Prophet in his mercy, we shall end the existence of Jews in this world soon, bismillah!".

I nodded in deep understanding. We got to my destination, Frankfurt municipality. The fare was 9.50 and I gave him a ten. I opened my door, but waited for the small change and held my hand out for it. He gave it to me and turned around. "What? No tip?". I got out of the a

"We Jews do not tip idiots.", I said, while slamming the door shut. His astonished face was my bonus for the day.

©Simon Soesan