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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back off, please

Please back off

Ladies and gentlemen: please back off! Stay home!

This whole panic for some flu has no purpose: our hospitals cannot help you as they have not enough manpower, not enough equipment and not even enough beds. Step away please!

You ask why? Do you really think your government would spend money on hospitals, when it has promised to support so many religious institutions? They cannot spend the money twice, you know! And not only these religious institutions, their students and employees (of half only exist on paper anyway), but what about their political appointees? No, please, just go home: your government is not here to help you – it only helps itself.

And their friends. And family.

The same goes for our national railway: look closely at the management, even the son of our former president – rapist Katzav was a big shot there. His qualifications? The son of the president.

Our national railways carefully make sure that all money earned goes to salaries and not to maintenance or, God-forbid, development. So stop whining when trains go up in smoke and fire extinguishers are empty, because really: there is no money for such nonsense!

Slowly but surely our governments have succeeded in putting useless misfits into key positions, as payback for election services rendered. Our governmental system is on the verge of bankruptcy, as all tax monies go first and foremost to pay-offs and salaries. There is simply nothing left. We have unqualified nitwits managing departments without any understanding what needs done – and our government frankly does not give a damn. More jobs were promised, so we privatized our drinking water and created companies that do not supply the water, but do collect money. And how do we finance these companies and pay all those salaries? You got it right! We are told that water is running out and the price doubles: same product, same value, double the income and more freeloaders have a job.

So step back and let them do what they want. You voted for them, didn't you? Oh you didn't? We almost forgot Mr. Netanyahu schmoozed his way into office after losing the elections..

Go home, my fellow Israelis. And watch the reality shows your government created on TV, because the true reality is incomprehensible.

Do not ask what your government can do for you – just watch what it does for itself.

©Simon Soesan

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