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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Don't confuse us with facts

Don't confuse us with facts

Imagine this: an American army unit attacks the Taliban. The US president, a democrat, informs the world this is out of the reach of his responsibility, because this specific army unit is republican. Or imagine the German chancellor apologizing for rockets being fired out of Germany into, let's say, Russia, claiming that the culprits are a small political fraction in Germany, for whom she is not responsible. Sounds unreasonable?

Lebanon, an independent country, has been shooting rockets and missiles for many years into Israel. Claiming it was done by Hezbollah, a political party/international recognized terror group (with business interests around the globe), the world said "aha" and switched to MTV. Of course, the world understands that the Lebanese government is not in charge of the Hezbollah, that’s a completely different thing, no? No?

Now let's look at the Palestinian Authority. The last agreement signed with Yassar Arafat, in 1995, states clearly that the current situation in the West Bank allows for Israeli presence in specific areas, allows for Israeli settlements, until a final agreement has been reached. Being a split country, the president of the PA resides in Ramallah, while the prime minister lives in Gaza. This prime minister loves to shout that he and his party, Hamas (another international recognized terror group) are in full control of Gaza. And although Israel left the Gaza strip unilateral in 2005, they keep shouting that Israel occupies the Gaza strip. And the world says 'aha' and switches to Big Brother. Even the president of the PA keeps shouting Israel is occupying the West Bank, totally ignoring the interim agreement of 1995, stating Israeli presence is allowed and not an occupation. And of course the world says 'aha', and switches to E! for the latest on Charley Sheen.

Enter the current Israeli government, lead by the ever-switching Netanyahu. Recently the south of Israel has been under fire (again) from Gaza (again). The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. The Hamas premier claimed he can't be blamed: it's them and not him. And the Israeli government, in its infinite wisdom, plays along: it's not them; it's the others, watchamacallit group. And, after 30 for rockets land in Israel, Israel shoots back. And the world shouts "stop the occupation!", and switches to CNN. How dare they! Those occupying Jews! Those imperialist Zionists!

And while Iran promises to relive the world from this cancer called Israel, and while Hezbollah happily keeps buying rockets from Europe and Russia, the world watched in great tension who will be announced winner of Survivor.

You see, it's not Lebanon. And it's not the PLO or Hamas. It's these uncontrollable small fractions that want to put an end to the Zionist occupation of…what? Where? Never mind. Don't confuse us with facts.

©Simon Soesan

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