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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Eastward Bound

The little village of Vorden in Holland is overjoyed! Finally they will show the world that all is forgiven: their genius mayor has decided that, during this years' Holocaust memorial, he and his sidekicks will not only walk by the graves of those who were brutally murdered by the Germans when they occupied Holland during WW2, but hey will also honor the murderers and walk past the graves of German soldiers who bravely died when fighting the small Dutch resistance in those days.

Because we care. Because we can.

Of course, this created quite some reactions in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, whose Queen Wilhelmina was the first to flee Holland when the Germans walked in.

17. Maybe 170. Reactions. From all of Holland and, mostly from Jewish organizations. You see, these Jews just won't stop: they keep reminding the world that 6 million Jews were systematically butchered by the oh, so cultural Germans. Of course, Holland came out the big 'winner', with over 93% of its Jews butchered by the Germans, which is the highest percentage of any country. So Holland has a knack in getting rid of Jews. They will not do it in so many words, they will hint, look by, say nothing, except 'good riddance' when only 5000 from the 110.000 Jews living in Holland in 1940, survived the German murder machine.

Just about 70 years later all is well in Holland. Lured into the EU, Holland is trapped in financial scandals and shortcomings related to their EU membership, but the Dutch people are sorry to find out that the EU membership was not arranged by Jews, so they have no one to blame. In order to overcome the hiatus, the proud Dutch found a new way to hassle the Jews: only in Holland people representing animals only were chosen to parliament. This 'Party for Animals' claimed they knew for certain that the Jewish Law on slaughter (only 6000 years old) hurt their constituencies, which made them file a motion to outlaw the Jewish law. This almost worked, however political manipulation (which they again could not blame the Jews for) made the motion fall and fail. They will now try circumcision and, if that is unsuccessful, they will find something else to hassle Jews with. It is in their genes, you know. Or, at least: it is in the genes of most Dutch, as my parents were saved by the Snellen family from Sevenum, who took them in for three years and hid them, resulting in the lives of my siblings and me, our children and grandchildren. So, just for the record: there still are some just in Sodom.

So now we will see the honorable mayor of Vorden walk past as these graves – victims and murderers alike – in the name of Br├╝derschaft. And as the mayor and his gang of idiots will walk solemnly past the graves (maybe some of them quietly humming Die Fahne hoch…) I would strongly recommend they keep walking eastward, towards the Heimatt. And stay there. In the name of Br├╝derschaft.

70 years after this Holocaust, which wiped out over 300 people in my family, Holland, by just standing there and doing nothing, proves again that this world will not end because of bad people, but because of people watching bad people in silence and doing nothing.

70 years after this Holocaust, which was aimed at making my People disappear, Holland states again that Jews are not welcome, or, as many Dutch still think back fondly and with nostalgia: Joden niet gewenscht.

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