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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Father knows best

Father Knows Best

The way our front door was slammed shut, already told us that something was wrong. Expectantly my partner in life and myself looked at the entrance of our living room, to see who came in and what was wrong. It was our eldest: no lenses in, the glasses of her spectacles all steamed up…. I looked at her mother. We already understood: a broken heart!

“It’s over, over!”, she cried dramatically while settling herself on the couch, between her mother and I. My wife gave her a big hug and held her. Her sister, just back from her army base, came out of her room, took a look at the situation and ran over to the couch, to hug her elder sister, too. I looked at our son and he looked at me. “Are they stupid or are we stupid?”, was the unasked question in our eyes.

Next to me, on the couch, the drama continued. Our eldest was crying her eyes out while being held by her mom and sister. Her head came up and she looked at me. It was my turn now. “Daddy…”, she started and cried on. As I am an expert, I hugged her tightly and stroked her long curls. “Leave it, sweetie,”, said I wisely, “you are worth much more than him.” My wife shook her head at me. No good – I can take a hint. I thought quickly. What kind of wisdom could I say to her now? “Just remember your father loves you very much”, I said full of love. Her sister looked at me with great disappointment. The love of my life gave a deep sigh. And our daughter, in my arms, kept at it.

Our son, expert-in-training for these situations, put his finger on his mouth. “Just be quiet, dad!”, was what he was trying to say.

She got a glass of water from her sister. It helped. Her mother brought some tissues. That helped to bring down the level of humidity in our home. Her head came up from my arms and she looked at me. Eyes red from crying, a red nose and very sad. I suddenly remembered that this is how she always looked after she cried. Sweet.

My train of thought was rudely disturbed by my spouse, who informed me that our eldest needed to go to powder her nose now. Her sister went along.

“You are so clumsy with crying women!”, she said accusingly. “I think I am doing fine, thank you.”, was my defense. “Dad,”, interfered our son, “when women cry they mostly want some quiet and an arm around them.” Said my flesh and blood, the traitor, while his mom looked at him proudly. “As if you have any experience.”, I countered. His mother came to his defense. “I think you also lack experience.”, she said. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”, I asked concerned.

“Well, let’s say that you have given me little reason to cry.”, said the sweetest woman in the world. We gave each other the eye, but the moment was rudely broken by our daughters, who returned.

“Better now?”, I asked. Our eldest nodded quietly.

“Just think: if he does not want you, you deserve someone much better.” Four pairs of eyes looked tired at me. Of course I did not get the hint and I went on. “Believe me, there are many more fish in the sea.”, I added pretty dumb.

She looked at me. “Dad, you are so sweet, but you simply got it wrong as usual.”

He mom, sister and brother nodded in agreement.

“I ended it, Daddy, it was enough for me.”, she said. “But then why are you crying?”, I asked dumbfounded. My family sighed as one. As if I was a lost case.

“Dad,”, started our 13-year old expert. “Women are like that. They just need to cry now and then, it gives them release.” I nodded as if I understood. And kept quiet.

Everyone now is very happy I understood.

The truth is I have no clue.

But you don’t need to spread that around

© Simon Soesan

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