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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do not disturb

Do not disturb

The world told us not worry and stop being hysterical: these two innocent Iranian marine ships should be allowed to pass the Suez Canal. What harm could they do?

And so the Iranian ships passed the Suez Canal, on their way to a Syrian port. The world went on watching games, movies or other more important things. Lucky for us, the Bible teaches that those who watch over Israel do not doze nor sleep, and they kept their eyes on these innocent Iranian ships, even watched them unload in the Syrian port, after which they left, while the Iranian government blamed the Zionist conspiracy for telling lies about the devout Iranian people.

When the Victoria started to load the unloaded cargo from the two Iranian ships, we still were watching. Even when the ship anchored in Turkey and just stayed there, idle, as if all is well, we were watching. When the Victoria left for Egypt, our guys entered the ship and found 50 tons of arms. The ship surrendered, was taken to Israel, where the loot was put on display. Crates and documents stated clearly the arms came from Iran, which started to shout bloody murder and cursed those damn Jews.

Right after that the Turkish government forced down an Iranian cargo plane on its way to Syria. The contact was so disturbing, that Ankara sent in nuclear experts to understand what the mad scientist from Teheran was sending to his buddies in Syria. Again, the nitwits in Teheran claimed the plane and its contents had nothing to do with them…

While they were shouting out their complete innocence, the Egyptian army seized a shipment of arms from Sudan, originating from Iran, en route to the Gaza strip and Beduin gangs in the Sinai desert. …

How sad. These Jews! They interfere with everything and accuse the Iranian madmen falsely! It has to stop!

And indeed. It has to stop. The world leaders, who were informed of the catch, were not interested in this kind of news. Well, not entirely: some expressed interest in the addressees, so they can try to send replacement for the lost arms….business is business….

Having informed the world leaders about three arms shipments caught, within 24 hours, is very annoying. And we apologize.

Maybe we shall send the arms back to Iran, where they came from.

As a present to the opposition forces, which are being butchered, while the world watches games, movies and other important things.

Because this world is very involved, you know. See how the world stepped up to help the Libyan opposition, or the demonstrators in Bahrain that are being shot in the streets by Saudi soldiers. Or look how much humanitarian help was given to Japan.

Yes, this world is very busy and should not be disturbed. Everyone really should do his own thing.

So will we.

©Simon Soesan

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