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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lounge Zionists

Lounge Zionists

They do not live in Israel, but will explain in length how much they love Israel and why they cannot live there – right now: the government, the taxes, the weather, the Arabs, the Jews…they will sincerely explain why not and then they organize a conference.

“We love Israel – that’s why we criticize Israel” is their main slogan. They bring in mediocre politicians, extremist rabbis – whether reformed or orthodox – and they bring in the press. They will shout “shame on you, Israel”, while swearing they love us.

And then they go home.

And from the safe comfort from their living room, far away from Israel, they write their articles criticizing us. But of love. Out of kinship. Of course, they will send the kids over. For a fortnight, mind you, and only if it is subsidized or for free. Here in Israel we see these buses with youngsters and flags saying “Birthright” or “Taglit”. Ignorant spoiled kids that come for a while, wipe a tear from sheer emotion and then go home, more than 90% do not return to live here. But hey, they visited, so now they are experts and can criticize, just like their parents.

J-Street is the latest sign of this disease. Full of air and criticism, they will spend time and money explaining to whoever wants to hear what is wrong with my country.

No, they will not come and live here, join the army, work here and pay taxes here. Send their children off to school in buses that might explode. They will not become part of our society and help it improve – yes, we need to improve a lot. They will not come and live here and vote.

No, much better at home, far away from Israel and trying to influence foreign governments that have no obligation whatsoever to Israel, besides the fact that some ignorant lounge Zionists will try to influence policies that should be focused on the needs of the country they live in. And at the end of the day they will send money. Lots of money, so our corrupt civil servants have more to share between them – and waste it on issues that have no importance to Israel, but pacifies the minds of those living so far away and criticize us. But hey, they send money, so why complain?

For almost 40 years I live in this country called Israel. A difficult country to live in. We have corrupt politicians, mentally challenged extremists and are surrounded by neighbors that hate our guts and rather see us dead. But it is OUR country. We are building it, we are trying to fix our mistakes and we are trying to make a life in the only country in the world we Jews can call “home”.

You want to criticize us? You think we are doing such a bad job? Come live here and join the fun. Join the adventure and join the problems. We do not need lounge Zionists and we do not need your money.

We need you to come home.

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  1. That's what I did!! the hell do I get out of here.